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At WestField Speech Solutions, we’re devoted to the all-important relationship between a child’s well-being and their ability to express themselves fully.

From toddlers to teens, we deliver comprehensive care to help your child through a wide range of speech and language difficulties.

We help children develop the skills they need to communicate with — and be successful in — the world around them.  Our greatest pleasure comes from seeing children gain renewed social and emotional confidence — the kind of confidence that comes from being able to express themselves with total comfort.


We know how difficult — and even debilitating — speech and language disorders can be for children and their families. Our highly personalized approach addresses your specific concerns with the highest quality of care.

From evaluation to diagnosis and through treatment, we at WestField Speech Solutions take the time to learn your child’s strengths, specific areas for improvement, and individual demands.


Recent developments in treatment are offering children with language disorders more hope than ever before, and we are continually evaluating the latest advances in the field. We combine those innovations with our expertise to help your child set, achieve and maintain their treatment goals.


Ease of access to excellent care is a hallmark of the service at WestField Speech Solutions. With at-home visits, we offer a convenient alternative to busy pediatric offices in a highly personal and comfortable environment.

A private consultation can help determine if speech and language services are right for your child.